Daylight Savings Sucks

26 May

Daylight savings time sucks…
It just does.

And for you outdoorsy types

wanting to go for a run after 7 p.m.

They may treadmills for that sort of thing.

Daylight savings time brings nothing but trouble

First of all you lose one hour of sleep that first night


To a mother of small children…

You might was well cut off my right hand.

Then the kids are off the rest of the next day
Probably won’t nap…

But the worst part happens at night…

5:20 p.m. pick up small children

Preferably yours…

But consider others if they are more well behaved.

5:30 p.m. in carseats locked and loaded.

Let the food fight begin!

“Mom she has more pretzels than me…

She has tree more dan me”

Landon apparently has Savant-like abilities when it comes to pretzel counting.

Eibapag gabba gibba blat!  MINE MINE MINE

Is all I can make out of Tenny’s rant.

Resolved with graceful Mommy arm sweep to the back.

Much like an elephant grabbing his nuts…

Peanuts – I guess I should say.

Geez people.

Have in hand extra three pretzels.




Problems solved.

Arriving home at 5:50 p.m.

Quickly running in lowering all blinds…

In an effort to block the searing SUN…

Trying to create a calm and sleep inducing environment.

Even though the damn daylight savings sun is illuminating the now closed blinds like the 4th of July fireworks display.

Fire up the microwave…

Zap that healthy meal…

In 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


The lights are off.

No need to see the dirt…

I will just assume it is everywhere.


it is.

“Mommy why you has da lights off?”




Yeah… that ought to work.

The place is in lockdown.

Doors locked.

Blinds down.

Curtains drawn.

Brusha brusha brusha

“Time for bed girls!”

Yeehaw for me!!


“Landon I said it is time for bed”

“But Mommy… it not dark yet… it not night night time”

As she walks to the window…




Sweet Lord above DO NOT let her see the light.

But she is quick.
And I?
Am tired from all my chores.

The light…
The light…
My eyes!

“Mommy…it be so light… see?

It time to play”



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One response to “Daylight Savings Sucks

  1. Shannon

    May 27, 2011 at 6:13 am

    Oh sister, I totally agree. Last year, when Jonah was 3, I said, “Time for bed.” Now mind you, we do not have blinds on the back half of our house, so there is no pretending it isn’t still blazing light out. Not to mention that because Atlanta is so far west in the EST we are light out even that much later. So after my bed time comment Jonah says, “I can see the leaves.” Huh? What? Me, “what honey?” Again, “I can see the leaves.” Ohhh…. “You mean it can’t be bed time because you can still see the leaves on the tree outside?” I understood his logic and it took a lot for me to get him to understand the concept of Daylight Savings. I still curse it also. Good luck with that.


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