Nice to Meet You Honey

12 Jun

Okay I know I have not been writing much.

Several have commented on it.

I have been busy…


as a one armed paper hanger.

who makes up these sayings???


Thing 1 and Thing 2 run me absolutely ragged…

no lie.




I may be seeing the light…

at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Tennyson has been home just over 13 months.

What a year it has been.

She has been sick.

A lot.

Like almost every other week it seems.


And sick?

will wear your ass out.


In one year she has had:

  • four bouts of strep
  • 13 ear infections
  • 2 rounds of pink eye
  • and one nasty fall resulting in a jammed tooth in her gum line.

(not even going to discuss the various viruses she toted home)


For one year…

we were at the Urgent care or pediatrician at least every other week.

Many a weekend we spent waiting and waiting…

while the four front desk attendees ate Chick-Fil-A and fries.

Not even offering a bite…

and appearing WAY too busy licking the catsup off their fingers…

to process our paperwork quickly…

and rush a sick toddler back…

in an attempt to:



One weekend, we were at the Urgent Care twice.

Two Times…





Tenny got tubes on April 20.

She has not been sick since.


That may not seem like a big deal to you..

but 7 weeks of  NO sickness is?


around here.


I feel as if I am just meeting her…

seeing her for the first time.


Because when you are sick…
it is not fun for anyone.

And she?
is delightful!

My mother would never make a mess like the one behind me. Cute though I be...I am entirely responsible.


and high spirited

(that is what you say when you are looking for a word for disobedient that reads well).


Pretty with curls that seem to defy gravity.


A mouth that would make Angelina Jolie jealous.

and an evolving personality that is fun, sweet, and a tad mischievous.

So today I say…

Nice to meet you honey…
Oh the places WE will go.

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One response to “Nice to Meet You Honey

  1. Ellen Cohen

    June 14, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    So, Tenny, you are one beautiful little girl, just like your big sister & Mommy! Thrilled to hear you have tubes in your ears & are finally feeling better! We look forward to hearing more wonderful stories about the 3 of you!

    Love from Chicago,
    The Cohen Family….
    Ellen, Barry, Zac & Elana


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