21 Jun

In a morning blur.

On the way to school, Landon requested a song

“One I can sing to Mommy”


Pondering which one to pick on the IPOD…

I’m a Little Teapot?

You Are My Sunshine?

When she says..

“I want dat one where I want to bite your disco stick”




I like the Gaga but…

I also know…

That disco stick has nothing to do with the WII.


“Wh…wha…what… did you say?”




“Mommy don’t be mad, I not say shut up or stupid”


I am still noodling on this when I arrive home.


I hear a kitty…

Clooney, my kitty.

She does not go out, how can that be?

And where is she?

Look left, look right




Look up…



There she is – up the tree…

Not a little up the tree

A WHOLE LOT up the tree.

And there is a squirrel ahead of her.

She is trying to catch him.

Up Up Up she goes…

20 feet

25 feet

30 feet

Inching up to about 34-35 feet


She cannot get down.

A serious oh shit moment for her.


I am a mess.

A BIG mess.


What do I do?

Quick google for cat retrieval on the internet.

I see AAA Emergency Tree Service – Denver Cat Rescue

For real?  There is a business that does this?

You have got to check it out:


So I call…

And thank God he answers.

Tearfully I explain the dilemma.


Is going to be my hero.

He is coming over!!!


I call in support while I wait.  Katy is lickety split over to calm me down…

And keep me off the roof.

Because as she pointed out…

it will be hard to parent while in traction.


I am trying to get Clooney myself.

But the math…

Me at 5’4”

Her at 35 feet.

It is not happening.

Plus I bought the cheapest 6 foot ladder Home Depot has.

And I know now why the other ones are more expensive.

This one is a piece of C-R-A-P and I am wobbling all over the place.


Clooney does inch down a bit, maybe 10-12 feet.


Katy and I watch nervously mumbling encouraging words:

“It’s okay honey…

Back it down

NOT THAT BRANCH…it won’t hold you

Here kitty kitty

No back down with your butt first…


 You can imagine how effective this is.


Well Katy is smart and suggests we put together a net of sorts in case she falls.

Capital idea.

But we have no net or air mattress.

So we use?

The baby pool.

There we stand holding the baby pool between us.

Ready to catch her if need be.

It was?

Ridiculous… and resourceful.


An hour and a half… here he comes.

The cavalry is here.

Joe has this down. He handles cat retrieval in Denver.

But?  he fields calls from all over the country and dispatches local folks.

Clever right?

He is a professional cat getter.


He has an 18 foot ladder.

And a rope, harness, and chap thingys.

A hard hat and a bag for cat retrieval.

Joe is on it.


Up he goes.

Slow and steady…

At the ready.


5 feet from her.

Establishing trust.


Joe:  “hello pretty girl…I love you…  you know I love you”

Swear to God – it was adorable.

“I love you kitty… it is okay”

Katy and I are dying.


She lets him pet her…

Scratch her ears.

Then makes a primal sound that elicits a gasp from the ground crew…

Me and Katy.


4 feet higher

3 feet higher

2 feet higher


Silent prayer from me.




In the bag she is.


She is pissed!


Down he comes with grace and ease.

I am given the cat in the bag…

And release her in the house.

Did not see her for hours.


Joe is my hero!

Clooney?  Is grounded for eternity.


And the cool piece of this is that part of Joe’s fee goes to a charity.

50 dollars goes to an orphanage in India.

How cool is that?

I told him about my girls and their adoptions.

So we are fast friends.


The lesson?

Keep your cat inside at all times.

But in a pinch call Joe and he will help you out.


Never play Lady Gaga in front of your kids.

Joe professing his undying love for Clooney.


Check out Joe’s work:

In October of 2006 as a result of a chance meeting with one of Joe Phillipps clients, who were running multiple charitable efforts in India through their organization Love Outreach Ministries(including an orphanage and health care in 2 lepers colonies), decided to support their efforts.

As result he came up with a model of raising money through his business and started the Philanthropic Business as a way of letting his clients know about his effort.

In the last 5 years his business AAA Emergency Tree Service and their clients have been responsible for raising $60,000, which has allowed Love Outreach Ministries to start a trade school in 2008 for women including the purchase of a building and is currently building a orphanage which will also include a clinic.Within the next year enjoying philanthropy as he does , he is opening up PBN to other businesses so as to promote philanthropy, no matter how its’ expressed,either for humanity or mother earth, faith based or not. He just loves doing this work and once to encourage other businesses in any way he can, to do the same.

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