03 Aug

It wasn’t long ago.

I was It…

On a stick!

Mommy You Rock!

Mommy was the Queen …

I could do no wrong.



“Mommy I jis so loves  you”

“Mommy you da bestest Mommy in da ho world”

“Mommy I think you are so bootiful”


That has changed.

Landon wants a dog.


Our friend Katy has a dog.

So we need one.

She asks me every day:

“are we going to see Katy?”


Are we going to see her puppy Maddie?


“Not today”




My LEAST favorite word.  PERIOD.

I hear Why





Times a day…

And they sleep 10 hours a day


Are at day care 8 hours.





“Well honey…”

Conjuring up my best Mike Brady

Don’t you remember how the kids would ask him a question…

And he would look out across the room…

Go all cerebral…

And then babble on about something ridiculous…

Until the kids looked stoned…

And then Alice walked in with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Followed by Carol with her “my scissors broke in the middle of your haircut” coiffure.




I go on to explain…

How important animals are…

And we need to respect them…

And they are part of our family

And mom is so busy

You know…

When you are older…

And we have a bigger house.

One day…

On a special day…

We will go as a family and pick our special puppy.

Won’t that be fun.


“You mean now mommy?”


“Honey…not now…”





What mommy just said…

You need to be a little older so you can help me and th….”



And with that?

she rolls her eyes

crosses her arms

 and turns away in disgust…

at the now dethroned Queen of our family.



And I know…

I am now scewed…

For life.









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