The Neighbor

11 Aug

There was a man once…

Isn’t there always?



I remember Jim

As I pass this lady…




And looking like she is about to pass out.

And I remember…




Jim was a neighbor.

One day he asked if I wanted to go for a short jog.


His obvious hotness…

made Yes an easy answer.


I grab my sneaks…

Cute pony.

Cubic zirconia studs

Click slide of pink diamonds lip gloss.

(southern girls accessorize… always)

And out I go.


Slow at first we are.

And then speeding up.


His initiation… not mine.




Faster and faster he moves.

Not jogging.


Faster and Faster.

A blur almost.


there are sparks…

emerging  from his Nikes.


Then he wants to chat.

Not even yes or no answers.


 “tell me about your family.”

“What brought you to Denver?”

Really dude?


I am panting.

And gasping for your next breath…


NOT SEXY people.


Almost back to the starting point …

I see the finish line.

But then?

Another invitation:

“want to go round again?”


Are you mad?!

I have to go I say…

Very important work call.

 “okay well I’ll see if you are home around 5 tomorrow and we’ll give it a go again”.




I collapse on my bed…

Face forward.

Slowly sliding down the silk bedspread…

Soaked with sweat.


I am fogging up my pupils…

With my panting.

I cannot feel my legs.



I pray…

For additional lung capacity.

I pray…

That my rapidly pulsating heart…

Will steady…

And that I will not die.


And I pray…

That Jim…

Will get neighbor amnesia…

And never knock on my door again.





























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