Cheese Whiz

10 Sep

This morning…

In a very stressful moment…

Well several of them.


I had had enough:

Tenny swiped yogurt on my pants….

once in the crotch

once down the leg

Three poops in 48 minutes

Not me


3 tugs of war over the same flippin’ toy

1 episode of pull the cat by the tail

1 interrupted play of paste cheerios on the wall



it is 7:41 a.m.



In exasperation…

I shout…


 Not Hey Zeus…

But Jesus…

The Big Guy.


And I know that is not the appropriate manner in which to request help from The Man Upstairs…



I was desperate…

So I did.


And when you are 2 ½ and Tennyson…

Jesus doesn’t really sound like Jesus…

It sounds like?

Cheese Whiz


“Mommy…. Cheese Whiz”

 “Cheese whiz”

“Cheese whiz”

“Cheese whiz”

Because it makes more of an impact when you say it three times.


Now what?

Cheese whiz?

I guess there are worse things a child could say.




A reminder to watch what you say in front of your kids…

Because they hear EVERYTHING…

And repeat EVERYTHING.



Just be aware…

If you hear me shouting?

Cheese Whiz…

Know I am looking for some form of divine intervention…

Or a good babysitter.

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