Pants… you should get some

14 Sep

Another joyous ride to school…

Peanut butter waffles in the back…

Smoothie in the front.


Turning the corner…

Lady w/ her puppies on the right.


“Look girls… two puppies”




 Mommy dey be so cute”




 (best attempt at puppy)


And one of the puppies pooped.


People this lady was heavy.


And she had on a jersey print dress.

Above her knee.

Stacey and Clinton would have shit.


But then?

She bent over to pick up the droppings.

 Not a curtsy type of bend.

But a full frontal bend.

Ass in the air…

Shiny white hiney.


She was wearing a thong.

White cheeks as far as the eye can see.



They are burning!!


For God’s sake woman….

Buy some pants…

And WEAR them!


I am




maybe the girls will not notice.

But as I had just pointed out the puppies…


They were looking.


You can see ALL her BUTTTTTTT….


“And MOM!

She forgot her panties today.”











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