Cheap and Fun

21 Sep


That is not my tagline on Match.



I am just sharing a little find for tots.


So at Home Depot

at least here in Cod’o’rado

(which is how a 4 year old pronounces it)

On the first Saturday of the month

They have a free project.

It is all for kids and it is FREE!!

That means:


Home Depot custom apron

(which means they write your kid’s name on it)

And whatever you make.

Now it is nothing like new cabinets or anything but!



That was our fun find when Grandma and Grandpa were here earlier this month.

Cute Cute Cute


Grandpa and Landon…

they made a dry erase board.


Landon was quite proud of her creation.

Grandpa fared well too…

No smashed thumbs…

No curse words (at least that were audible).


So I wondered off for a coffee while the masterpiece was being built…

Only to find both Grandpa and Landon finished with their project…

swinging in the discontinued outdoor furniture…

an hour later

and Landon receiving bits of wisdom such as:

“You tell Mommy that ice cream with chocolate syrup and peanuts is a right fine dinner…

jis skip the broccoli and chickin”





















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