Plumb Tuckered Out

02 Oct

Have you ever…


In front of your kids.



Mommy melted last weekend – a lot.



I could just take no more.


It wasn’t the cancellation of All My Children that brought me to tears…


I think that at least worthy of a sniffle.


The culmination of bad behavior and lack of sleep.


The day started with a trip to Monkey Biz’ness..

Quiet by their standards…

Only 15 kids.

But 15 kids running and playing?

Is loud…



Then lunch and a brief nap one for the little one.


We need clothes.

School clothes.

So I am taking them both.



But how hard can it be to find 3 little cotton dresses.


We start at Old Navy.

This should be easy right?



Completely picked over…

Except for a football someone left.

Which the girls are now throwing back and forth…

And at?

An 80 year old lady with her grandbaby.


Right down the strip…


I like Gap

2 dresses in 3T…

They have.

One with glitter butterflies…


The girls are whining.

“I want a snack”

“I need dat pink tutu”

“I want go outside”



Pulling the girls out with force and desperation.



Across the parking lot…

Has got to have something.

Complaints all the way.

“MOOOOMM! Why does Tenny have to have new clothes?”

“I hungry”

“I want to play”

Kicking each other

In and out of rounders.

Pull the leggings off the hangers.

And then?

They knock 4 cardigans on the floor…

In the apple juice they spilled.




I am so pissed I cannot see straight.

Dragging them out the store…

Not caring that their arms may be yanked out of the socket.

Or that we are causing a stir in the parking lot.


11 miles home.

Quiet because I have nothing left.

Nothing to say.

Nothing to give.


And in the house.

Here they go again.


 “I want dat book”

“I had it furs”

“Mommy…I said I wanted a snack”

And I?

Sat down on the floor.

And cried.

Head in my hands…

I cried.

Out loud

Audible cries.

And for the first time that day…

There was quiet.


Then Tenny began to cry…

A different cry.

Her brow furrowed…

She has no idea what to make of this.


And Landon?

Is shocked.

She is clearly concerned.





I know it be so hard to be a Mommy sometimes

But you can do it…

You can Mommy.

You just need to not be yelling all da time…

And no more crying”


Well there you have it…

A pep talk…

from a 4 year old.















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2 responses to “Plumb Tuckered Out

  1. Becca

    October 2, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Oh girly, we have all been there. Hang in there…now go get yourself a tumbler of wine!
    PS Love the pep talk.

  2. Shannon

    October 3, 2011 at 5:53 am

    Girl! You are crazy. I NEVER shop with my boys. and should become your FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! Hang in there… this too shall pass. 🙂


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