Da Fection

07 Nov


We had our first sleepover.

I forgot…

Just how cute


Little girls are.





For no reason.

Because there is a bit of dust

next to our sippy mug

Because Dora saw Swiper

8 times now

In 24 minutes.


Because we?

Snuck 62 Skittles

Screaming because?

We can!


Giggle Giggle Giggle

“I love you”

“You are my best friend Landon”

“Will you be my forever friend Angelique?”



“Can Angelique live here forever?”



“Well…honey her mother will be very upset”

“When is she leaving?”

“tomorrow honey”


“I don’t want her to leave.”


“Why not focus on the fun you are having now?

And Not?

When she is leaving”


“Oh Mom!!!”

You has jis no idear”

You be so fundulating to me? “

Fun – du – what??

(after much concentration — i deduce this to be frustrating)


And I also forgot how much we HATE our little sister

When we are having big girl fun

And how little sisters

“day be so ruining everything”



But this time little sister

Has a cold

And an ear infection

Which prompts:



Tenny be so sick

Her nose is just goss!

Can you make her jis go away?”


Well… let me see if I can find my magic wand.


“honey… please… calm down”



Did you know?”

(I hear did you know 15 times a day)


“Dat… if Tenny gets her algaes

(read as allergies…

I think)

“On me and Angelique

We will get da ‘fection

And DIE!”


And so continues the drama… I know will be mine forever.















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2 responses to “Da Fection

  1. Michelle Fox

    November 7, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    I LOVE it!! Angelique gets ear confections. No matter how many times I correct her to say infection, we get confection.

    Thank you again for having her over. I love the relationship that our girls have!! xoxo!

  2. Becca

    November 7, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    I laughed so hard at the visuals!! You’ve got some funny little monkeys!


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