Three Shots

23 Nov

How did your Thanksgiving Eve go?



The morning started with a shot.

Good Lord – not alcohol



The flu shot…

All 3 of us

One stop shotting.


So I go first…

In the arm…

And it?


It did.

But I did not utter a word…

As the stoic mother of two toddlers


The baby goes next…

Almost three.

She before her sister…

Because when it comes to a shot…


Is NOT the baby.


I hold her arms.

As instructed…

She is scared.

But before?

She is able to muster a real cry

It is over.

And now her almost 5 year old sister.


I say

As I do not see her.

She has crawled under one of the chairs.

I reach….

Only to have her quick legs escape my grasp.

I lift the chair completely.

She is not there.

She has scooted at a near record pace…

Under the adjacent chair


Grabbing again I go.


I lift the  second chair.

And then fall to the floor

Scooping up…

My cherub.

Arms and legs flying.

Screams abound.

At her impending doom.


The pregnant nurse and I wrestle Landon to the table.




Poke, bandaid, done!

The nurse is so excited…

“I have stickers for you two”



Stickers my ass.

I felt compelled to tell her that in a case such as this…

You need at least chocolate…

Typically a toy of some sort.

Such as those in the McDonald’s Happy Meal

She will thank me in 3 months…

When her little Mason…

Pops out


The rest of the day is easy…

The kids are at school.



But I must pick them up

It is the law.

We order Domino’s.

Which is just the bee’s knees

The think they are royalty.


And then the bath…

Landon removes her bandaid.

And begins to yell:

“dey is blood”


I examine.




I be so bleeding”



that is tomato sauce…

from the pizza”




Then two little girls in the bathtub.

Is there a sweeter sight?





I has to poop…




There she goes.

And I look down…

to something brown.

Two something browns.


Poop times 2

In the tub.


Her sister screams

“dat goss….

Gets it….

Gets it Mommy”


And I do…

With my bare Mommy hand.

And I am laughing…

Nearly crying…

Laughing at this nonsense.

And I am thankful.

Thankful for these two silly girls…

And the J.Lohr Cab in the kitchen.
























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