No Bull

20 Dec

Just when I think it can’t get any funnier…

it does.


My littlest princess…

is a handful of late.

She is mad…

you see.

When I don’t show up on time.



we have some hitting issues.

which much be dealt with.


Much has been the conversation on this topic.

“it’s not nice”

“we love our friends”







You cannot always reason with a toddler…

nor a female.

So a female toddler…

why don’t you just attempt a budget balance?


But last night on the ride home.

Landon took her sister’s hand.

And she said…


I know you can do it…

I know you can be nice…

I gonna hep you.”

It was so sweet…

that I choked up a little.


And then Tenny told Landon

“I wuvs you Landon”


is my favorite Tenny’ism.


So today as we head out…

to start our day…

mobile breakfast of peanut butter & jelly quesadillas…

and me with my tea.


Landon tells her sister:


You has to be nice.

You can’t push your friends…

or hit or bite…

Dat is bull’ing.

So Tenny…

No Bull today…



And that friends?

Is today’s mantra…




















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