The Return of the Laundress

27 Dec

We have been a bit busy around here…

what with the holidays and all.


And what a time we have had.

Mama’s here.

She arrived just before Christmas.


We have had much joy.

Much about which to laugh.

Much about which to write.


One springs to front of mind.



has been here 24 hours…

not even.

Mama is a laundress…

you may recall.

She can get any stain out…

no matter how long it has been in.

Nor what it is.

Trust me!

And you have to watch it…


she’ll try to wash clothes…

right on your person.



are you done with that?”


“with what Mom?”


“that sweater.”


“the one?

I am wearing?”


“Yes… that one”


“ummmm Mom?

I AM wearing it…


It IS buttoned”



I need some more darks to fill up load”



can you wait until…

like I change my clothes?”



after less than 24 hours

I am surprised…

to see Mama…

with two piles of laundry.

What could have happened?

Did she fall in the mud?

Doubtful with 3 inches of snow on the ground.

Was there a spaghetti explosion?

Did she vomit?




But there she stands…

pink washcloth.

Hand outstretched…



“I need to throw this in”



where the hell are all these clothes coming from?


and what is up with this rag?

I mean you just got here”



Mama said.

“I wiped my ass with this one…

and I don’t want to use it on my face.”



is all I can say.

as I poured in the Tide…

and filled up Mama’s scotch.




let’s try to keep up with that washing ye hear?






















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2 responses to “The Return of the Laundress

  1. marge roate

    December 27, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Judy….got your back! I get the “can’t stand piled up laundry” syndrome!!! However….you need to kick back and just enjoy those little angels. I love reading Kelly’s episodes….knowing you can’t make that stuff up! What a life! Awesome….blessed….and full of action! Love and hugs to y’all!

  2. Blair

    December 27, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    This is priceless!! I have gotten JuJu to get stains out for me on several occasions.


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