Happy Everything Ya’ll

01 Jan

Hi folks.


This year Landon wrote our Holiday card. If you did not get one from me personally…

it is because?

I do not know you…

or Tennyson used all my holiday stamps to make a sticker collage.

13.20 of stamps.



I am posting it here..

If this is a repeat for anyone…

like my family…

stay tuned til later in the week

for exciting episodes in our life.

We hope you are having a wonderful New Year’s Holiday..

Landon’s holiday letter


Tis I, Landon… d’ Nicole (I’m went French in 2011).  We have had quite the year.

First Tennyson was sick all of da time. She finally got tubes in her ears.  Mom said it was the best day of her life.   I tried to stick a flashlight in Tenny’s ear to see dem. It didn’t work.  Mom said you are not supposed to stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.  That didn’t work either.

Mommy took us to Miami for vacation with Grandma JuJu.  Me and Tennyson hated the ocean at first because it was stinging our eyes.  Then we saw all the sand and the shells and we really liked it.  Mom got us in a fancy hotel with healthy food.  It was terr’ble.  In the restaurant, our person gave us arty’s choke fries and said it was just like Old MacDonalds.  He was a liar.

Then they had a fire at 2:00 in the morning. Mommy carried Tenny down 15 flights of stairs.  And when we got to da bottom it was not really a fire. Mommy was so mad, she said DAMNS IT.

Grandma Terri and Grandpa came to visit.  It was so much fun. We did all kinds of things.  We had a party. We made a special project at the Home Depot.  And the build-a-bear…it was the best.  Mom got so scared of all the screaming in dere, she dropped her camera and it died.

Tennyson is doing great in school. She has lots of friends.  She hardly ever hits anyone anymore – but this one boy bites her a lot. Mommy said she would like to bite him back.  Tenny still likes to pull Mommy’s yoga pants down at school.  Me and Tenny think dat is so funny because Mommy screams and runs away real fast.

In my class, I have 3 boyfriends but my best one is in North Carolina.  I like to have options.  I asked if I could have a sleepover with Roman.  Mommy asked me if I fell and hit my head. She asks me dat a lot.

My teacher at school had us write things about our Mommies.  I said that my Mommy makes every’ting so spicy… and she likes beans.   But… I said that her favorite thing to do is yoga and watch TV after midnight.  Mostly I said that she likes her grown up drinks… a lot.   They put it up on the board at school, with her picture. Everyone saw it.  Mommy said “Oh My God!” when she did.

And now it is Christmas. I am so excited.  We have our Elf on the Shelf to report about how fantastic we have been.  Santa will be very pleased and happy to give me the 73 presents I asked for.

We wish you a very Happy holiday season.  Be happy and safe and nice to your family.  And I really hope you don’t get any fruitcake… it is yucky.

Me!!, Tennyson, Mommy/Kelly, Clyde, Clooney

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