Blue what??

15 Jan

Okay so Beyonce and Jay-Z had a baby.

And the baby is Blue Ivy.

Cool I guess.


Mama Beyonce

And Jay-Z?

Well lets just shoot straight.

He married up.

WAY up!

Beyonce is the superstar of the decade.

And He?

Is Jay-Z and that is about all.


Apparently she was way over the top…

On this baby situation.

Home equipped with gold studded high chair, etc.

Lots o’ bling

Lots o’ pink

 And going all Diva

(I mean she has earned it)

by renting out the entire maternity ward of her hospital.

 They said security was tighter D-cup boob in a training bra.

So Jay-Z

He goes and writes a song about his baby.

You so this

You so that


“You don’t yet know what swag is but you was made in Paris”


“last time the miscarriage was so tragic”




You couldn’t swing a big stick and hit a melody.

I mean its rap…

Not my thing…

But some people like it.



If you are Beyonce

Laying there…

all I just had a baby

My downstairs is painin’

 And he writes that stupid ass song

Would you not be slapping him upside the head?

Like “what the hell were you thinking?

I just had a beautiful baby…

And you gonna make a rhyming song?

makes no Damn sense at all?

About our damn baby???.”


What the hell are you thinking?


just saying…































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