Why Mommy?

19 Jan

“Girls …

how was your day?”


“Brendon said his Daddy is moving out of dere house”


“Uh oh”


“I pee in da potty”


“Great job Tenny”


 “Naomi hates her Mommy’s brussel sprouts”


“I pee in da  toe’let.

da toe’let

da toe’let

da toe’let”


“Okay I get it Tennyson”


“Lizbeth has an uncle with a boyfriend.”




“And Mom?

I saw King Loser?”




“Excuse me?”


“Yep Mr. King Loser?

His picture is everywhere….

Mr. King Loser was a good man Mom…

He just wanted everyone to be so nice to everyones else.”



…do you mean Martin Luther King Jr.?”

“Yeah…dat is him.

And Mom!

Did you know…

Somebody killed Mr. King Loser…


And Mrs. King Loser was so berry sad.”


“Landon…his name is Martin Luther King Jr.”

“Dat what I said.


And did you know dat mean man?

Dat killed Mr. King Loser?

He got a time out…

For a really long time?”



Why he do dat?

Why was he so mean to dat nice Mr. King Loser?”


“Oh honey…

I wish I knew.”
















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