The Art of The TP

20 Jan

As a household of 3 girls…


Use a lot of toilet paper.



Because you know…


can be used for a multitude of things:

stool when appropriately placed beneath both feet

facilitates the reach of things to which you have no bid’ness gettng in to

ball of sorts to hurl at your tinker toy creation

material for a mock straightjacket

for our younger and more naive sister

pillow for the kitty

who will then leave because you have interrupted her esteemed repose

a diaper

for your baby doll

And of course…

to wipe your bottom

Which you rarely do as a 3 and 5 year old

And you NEVER flush the damn potty.



I discovered last week…

Post return from a massive Target shopping extravaganza.

It is a also a decorating tool.

Oh yes.

Nate Berkus inspired.

You know he is always saying to use your vertical space.

“go up” he says…

especially in small spaces.



Landon helped me unload the groceries?

And she?

put away the toilet paper.

Like this!

26 rolls of TP stacked floor to ceiling.


About 4 1/2 feet high.

She was so proud.

Do you think this is what Nate had in mind?

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