Chill Out!

24 Jan

It was not my finest Mommy moment.

I poured water on my kids’ heads.

R E L A X…

I didn’t drown them…

Just cooled them off..


But …

In my defense…

It was a day…

You know what I mean…

Just a helluva day.

And girls…

When in a group of two or more…


They scream.

For no reason…

Other than that they can.


Mine are no exception.


At 6:00 p.m.

I can take no more.


In the bath.






The kind that makes you shake.

Honest to God…

I prayed for just one minute of quiet.


You know what I mean.


I could take no more.

So I went to the kitchen.

And filled up a big cup.


Cold water.

You thought I was going to say wine …. didn’t you?

From the fridge.


I walked calmly to the bathroom.

Both cherubs look at me?


And continue to scream!

After me asking them to stop…

Like 8 times.


So I leaned in.

Suggested they might need to make better choices.

Raised my arm…

And poured 24 ounces of cold water on their heads.

Seemed natural to me…

As their behavior was indicating they needed to cool off.



Let me tell you…

It was quiet.


And Landon…

Had  a?





Dat not nice…

Why you do dat…

Why you be so freezing us?”


Dat was not an ax’dent…

Was it Mommy?

Was dat an ax’dent?”


Hell No!

Dat was not an ax’dent.


Just could not believe it.

She just looked at me like:

“I cannot believe you did that?

We were only screaming at a level?

to cause permanent hearing loss…

to anyone within a 5 mile radius.”


But for a moment I could breathe…

Was I proud of that?


Do I think I will hear from Dr. Spock ….

(and yes I know he would be calling from his grave… but go with me)

About adding my technique to his next edition.

I do not.


But do you know what happened?





 “can do dat again?”


What the hell?

They like it now???
















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Posted by on January 24, 2012 in Misbehaving, Toddler


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One response to “Chill Out!

  1. Terri Ozley

    January 25, 2012 at 4:55 am

    Next best thing to a squirt gun … good for you girl!


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