Yo Lady!

28 Jan

There are days…

when life is just funny.

You know?

Or maybe I am just…


from lack of sleep…

and almost anything is funny.


On our way….

to the grocery store.

Two in tow.

I am already nervous.

Wishing I had added a little Baileys to my coffee.



“Yes ma’am”


“Did you know…”

and here we go…

a riveting story is sure to follow.



Did you know…

dat dere R dinosaurs under da ground…


If  you say…

Yo Yo Lady

dey will come out

And be with Jessie and Woody.




would yoddling?

resurrect a dinosaur and…


Would he hang out with Jessie and Woody?

Don’t you think he would be cranky from having his nap disturbed…

and then eat them both?

I am not following her logic.

Is it me?














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One response to “Yo Lady!

  1. Kathy

    January 29, 2012 at 8:06 am

    I read this as Keegan is watching Toy Story 3. I think Rex does appear to save Woody & Jessie in the opening scene after she yodels. I don’t remember him coming out of the ground, but its a fantasy sequence so it’s entirely possible.


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