28 Feb

I have never lied to my girls.

They know they were adopted

Do they really “get” it?


They don’t really get anything….


It is pink

A toy

Or chocolate.


So the other day

I caught them…

With all their stuffed animals…

lined up…

one by one…

on Tenny’s bed.



I asked?


“What are you guys doing?”


we are emdopting dees babies…

all dees baby animals”


So that left the door open.

To explain once again…

How we became a family.


I shared…

How they lived in a different country.

And how another really nice lady…

Actually had them in her tummy.



prompted Landon to ask…

“How we get in dere?”


And that?

I was not prepared to deal with…

a birds and bees discussion…

With a 3 and 5 year old…

Not just yet.


So I kept going…

Explaining that the lady couldn’t take care of them

So she asked God to find their Mommy.

And He picked me.


They are only half listening to me


The green puppy has lost his roller skate


The orange monkey has fallen out of the crib…

On to his beanbag head.


I showed them my dance of joy

Upon getting the call…

that I would be their Mommy.

Which caused both of them to roll their eyes…

At my clear lack of “moves”

And rhythm of any sort.


I went through my trips to meet them…

and then bring them home.

That I brought them both presents.

And took a million pictures.

And how JuJu and Grandma Terri and Grandpa were SOOO happy.

How seriously cute are these two?


I am elated at my delivery.

It was magnificent.

Adoptive families all over the world…

Will seek me out…

for my expert communication skills.


I am met with Tennyson’s blank stare.

Who says “I wuvs you Mommy”

and takes Pooh for a timeout.


Has stopped her emdoption work

With the 23 stuffed animals.

Looking at me with wide-eyed wonderment….

Surely feeling the luckiest and most special girl alive…

And says?

“Mom? That is da craziest ting…

 I ever heard.”



What is she talking about?!

I totally nailed that one…

I thought.

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One response to “Emdopted

  1. judy ray aka Kelly's mom and Ju Ju grandmother to these special little girls.

    March 9, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Kel, This is sooooooo special. Of course, as their Ju Ju, everything they do and say is special. They are wonderful! I am so blessed to be a part of their lives. God gave them a special mother and from one mother to another “YOU ROCK”. Job well done. I love you, Mom


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