Going to JuJu’s

14 Mar

Late afternoon on a Saturday.

I have declined the repeated pleas for?

More TV…

And a bunny rabbit.


I am wiping down the bathroom sink.


I feel the eyes of condemnation upon me.

They are my Landon.

5 and full of herself.


But now…

She is clad in all her dress up

I mean just about the entire trunk of dress up.

Blue dress

Matching elbow length gloves

Silver glitter pumps

5 bracelets on the right

3 on the left

Her pocketbook

Full of marbles

And princess dominoes

…because you just never know what you will need

White chunky pearl necklace

Think Barbara Bush

As a toddler.



I leaving”


“You are”



I leaving…

I’m done wit dis”



And where might you be going?”


“I am going to Grandma JuJu’s…

She says she has a house in abalama…

And they has nice beaches dere”


“and Mommy?”




“JuJu loves me…

And she will gives me what I want.”


“Oh really?”


And not to be outdone.



Tennyson arriving…

Wearing my size 8 ½ Steve Madden wooden clogs….

And a snow white costume.


It sounds?

like a Great Dane….

Is Riverdancing in my house.


“and where are you going little Miss?”


“wit Landon”





They go.


I am waiting…

Will they actually attempt to open the door?


Sneaking a peek.



Here they come…

Back to wiping the counter.


“We needs a get a snack…

For our long walk”


Down they sit…

Happy with their yogurt and sprinkles…

Forgetting all about their trip to Grandma JuJu’s

And leaving me to finish the bathroom.

And the yogurt mess they are now making.

They giggle…

and enjoy being little.

And I?

Enjoy watching it.










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