25 Apr

We went to see my sister and her family recently.

En route ….

we stayed at a hotel.

My girls?

loved the bed the most.

Do you blame them?


Their cousins…

have a trampoline.

a HUGE trampoline.


it is fun….

really fun.

Like I am going to pee right here…

I am laughing so hard..



I want one.

Something about jumping up and down…

with your hair blowing in the breeze…

and tiny boobies barely moving…

just takes away the stress.


You feel like a kid again…

Like you are light

and airy…

and like you really don’t have 6 hours of work ahead of you.


My older niece is 13.

My children think she hung the moon.


is certain that she did.


My niece and I am bouncing together.

Trying to see who can bounce the other higher.

She won.

And then stated.

“Aunt Kelly….

you are not bouncing me as high as I am bouncing you…

Is that because…

you are a vegetarian?”






because everyone knows that a good rib-eye gives you more bounce-ability!

















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Posted by on April 25, 2012 in Misbehaving, Painting, Parenthood, Teenagers


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One response to “Levity

  1. Laura Peoples

    April 25, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    There is something forever childish (in a wonderful way) about trampolines!


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