A clarification is in order

01 Jun

I am tired.

All the time.


You can all relate.



Friday was no different.

I stand in front of the mirror

Brushing my teeth.

Hardly recognizing my haggard reflection.

I don’t hear the approaching disturbance.



I have just cleaned my tonsils with colgate.

No worries for plague build-up there.



When she can see me right there

Must she scream as if there has just been a moratorium on all children’s programming.

“Landon! Must you scream!”


“I knows what in sex is”





Play it cool.


being cool.

“Oh… like you do?”


“yes… I wants a show you”





Did she turn on the TV when I wasn’t looking?

Was there something in a magazine?

Are Barbie and Ken doing something they shouldn’t be?


“yes… dere”

And she points up…

Where two moths

congregate around the dining room light.


is in sex Mommy”


“Oh yes…


you are right”


Thank you God…

I was not ready for that conversation.











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One response to “A clarification is in order

  1. Beth

    June 27, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Love it. I was terrified and relieved right there with you!


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