08 Jun

There is great clarity,

I think.

When you are little

And your mind?

Is not clouded,

with the bullshit we learn over the years.


Landon and Tennyson are at the table coloring.

We talk about babies…

Which we do a lot.

My girls love babies.

Fake ones

real ones

Love themselves some babies.


Landon began to tell Tenny about how they are “emdopted”

“Tenny yes…

we was in another lady’s tummy…

And then Mommy she came and got us…

Because she loves us so much”


Tennyson’s thoughtful response:



That is her response to



If you say “orange”…

She will say “why?”


Landon’s response….

very matter of fact

 “I guess she jis didn’t like babies”


And then she grabbed the yellow marker

And added Barbie’s highlights.

And Tennyson?

Did not say why.


And that is all there is…

There isn’t any more.


Look at my insightful cuties.

Tennyson ready for work… with her backgammon board.

Landon — Chairman of the Board…
out the door to the earnings meeting.


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