Toddler Musings

15 Oct

If you have kids…

little kids…

Your mornings may look a little like this:


5 year old:

“Mommy we had a sub-a-toot yesterday”

“Oh you did…”

“She is pretty and gots a baby in her tummy.”


The 3 year old:


“Eaten (ethan) trowed up today

It tinky

It gross


I gonna trow up now”


And  more 3 year old wisdom:

“Honey did you get mud on your outfit.?”

“No I pee’d all over myself at nap

I be so soaking wet…

You has to wash ever-ting”



And now the 5 year old:


I got a boyfriend”


“Yes. Braxton”

“Does he know he is your boyfriend?”


“Is he anyone else’s boyfriend?”



And Bryn…

And Abigail.”


Is busy.

“Oh?  What kind of girls does Braxton like?”

“Quiet ones.”

(we are so screwed here people)

“Ones  that don’t bother him…

He likes his space Mom.”

I  like that boy


3 year old:


Ms. Karen has to has an option (operation)

She going to da hos’p’tal,

Where dey has medicines and you has to wear white

All da time.

I don’t wants to go see her dere…

Cuz you has to get a poke in your bottom

I would be so crying all da time.”


5 year old drama:


I hate my clothes…

I don’t look so beautiful.

I don’t do flowers anymore….”


It is a virtual flower garden in her closet


3 year old:

“Honey …

no I sorry…

we can’t go outside right now…

it too code”

Peeking around the corner…

I see Tenny’s friends.

Four rolls of toilet paper,

in a line,

taking direction from my daughter.

If only


had the same success with she and her sister.


All this?

and it is…

7:42 a.m.







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