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Can I hear an AMEN?

My favorite part of the weekday


Around 9:00 p.m.

Both girls are in bed,


I can see them,

Covered up,

And quiet.

Not asking for anything

Not fighting


So I sit…

With my nirvana..

A hefty glass of red wine.


Normally I pretty much collapse,

at this point.


But tonight I can’t stop giggling


As I was putting Landon in her bunk bed

Tennyson beneath us …

With the slow and steady hum of near sleep

Landon shares a story.



Peyton’s Mommy jis had a baby…

It was in her tummy

And da doctor took it out with a big knife.

She cried,

Because it hurts to have a knife in your tummy.”

I guess it does.

Where does she get this stuff?



when you grow up would you like to be a Mommy?”


Wrinkling the forehead…




“I don’t know Mommy…

I be so scaried of da hospital…

And then you have dese kids…

And they jis run around and don’t even listen to you.”



And from below…

Tennyson not yet fully asleep must contribute:


she right Mommy…

we not listen.”


to the second power.

I am so totally ignoring you Mom.

I am so totally ignoring you Mom.


Can I hear an AMEN from the Mom-gregation?

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Odd Behavior

Landon is folding clothes…


You can imagine I am concerned

At this unsolicited contribution

Perhaps aliens have taken over her body.



I say



I’m gonna help you out

and fold dese clothes…

So you will have more time to find us a Dad…

I’m not sure you are working that hard on that.”


What the hell?


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