09 May

My mama is?


and not very familiar w/ technology.

For example, when she found out about linkedin,

she went out and created herself a profile,

as a domestic goddess with a degree in MRS,

and proclaimed herself to be excellent in this role.

mrs degree

When I told her it was a professional site

which people look at for hiring and business drivers,

she nearly shit Twinkies.


So… being a kind Christian woman,

when she learned her friend’s father had passed away,

she was quick to write a heartfelt note,

on facebook.

“Barbara, I am so sorry to hear about your father.

I know he is in a better place now.




I call her:


why did you write laugh out loud about Barbara’s dad?”

“Kelly… what are you talking about?”


“Mom… I saw it on facebook.”

“Kelly I told her – lots of love”


“Mom  you said LOL”

“That is what I S A I D… Lots of love”


“Mom…  that means Laugh Out Loud.”

“it does not”


“Oh but it does Mom..

Look at facebook and see how many times you see it

it means laugh out loud.”





“when did they change it?”



“Mom no one changed it…

It has always been laugh out loud.

At least you didn’t  put LMAO”

“well.. what does that mean?”


“Laugh my ass off”


“The way you talk,  Kelly Lynn!

I’ve got to call Barbara…

She is going to think I am just AW-ful’


“I’m just explaining technology here Mom”

Mama will call her prayer circle next.

To pray for Barbara…

and Mama’s potty mouth.





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