The Mother’s day

16 May

How was your Mother’s Day?

My sweet single friend sent me a nice note saying “I hope the girls are spoiling you.”



I got really cute gifts from school.

Both girls worked very hard on them.

And I will save them forever.


Was I spoiled?

Oh no.-Mothers-Day-Card-for-Kids

I was awakened by four eyes peering at me.


Sweet Jesus.

I think I pee’d in the bed.

“I’m bringing Mommy her tea”

“No I am”

“No me!”


And then the entire cup was knocked over…

by ax-dent…

So the giving of the tea became a non-issue.

And neither child was giving enough..

to actually help with the clean up.

“Mommy I git you a towa…

so you can clean it up.”


I ask the girls “what day is today?”

Initially I get sing song response:

“It’s your special mother’s day”


But then we began to fight






“Mom, she is looking at me.”

“Mom she not looking at me but she is tinking bout it”

“Mommy she hit me.”

“what day is it again girls?”


“Mommy… I don’t like da way she is breathing…it’s loud.”

“Tennyson… please stop breathing,

It is annoying Landon.”



“Mommy Tenny stuck her butt in my face”


“Mommy… I want some private time.”

Talk to the hand honey…

Because  if anyone gets private time, it will be me.


“Mommy Landon’s being mean to me.”

“She took my doll.”

“Dat not her doll…dat mine.”


So by 4:30 and my 10th reminder that it was my special day,

They can take no more.


“Girls… did you forget it is Mother’s day?”


Landon:  “UGH!  Mommy… dis is the longest day in da whole world.”

Tenny:  “Mommy how much longer we has to be nice to you?”


And both collapse in the stress of my annual holiday.

It is hard to be








So I was not spoiled…

But I was Mom

That was just our normal.

And I have come to love it.



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