Clooney and George

23 May

I know I shared our trip to “Hot Lanta” a few weeks ago.

It was stressful.

Travel with small kids is



And while we were away,

our cat died.

This is the second time a pet has died,

while I was on a business trip.


14 years with our big maine coon kitty Clyde.

He was a sweet boy,

and could knock you out with one of his farts.

I am serious!

And he frequently brought me dead mice,

never understanding I would rather have yellow roses.


He got sick just before we left

I had no idea how sick,

Just wasn’t eating much.

Cancelling my trip and business meetings was not really an option.

We left on Thursday

Clyde died on Sunday.


It was brutal







Brutal being away from him when he passed

Brutal losing a friend of 14 years

Brutal telling my girls


Landon (18 mos) and Clyde

Landon (18 mos) and Clyde (and yes he was HUGE)

They knew he was sick

But not how badly

None of us knew

So we sit in the hotel

And I proceed to explain this to a 4 and 6 year old.


I say…

“We need to talk about Clyde”

“NO!”… “No Mommy No!”

Landon knows what is coming.


There is a knock on the door.

It is housekeeping.

I am shocked,

Because I have called them 4 times…





Requirements for 3 ladies at leisure


We are all crying when she comes in.

And she says…


I am sorry…

I am late”

Seriously lady?

We are not crying,

Because of the towels.


Landon says…

“our kitty died…

And I miss him”

And she wails.



A guttural cry.


The lady teared up a bit too.

And gave us extra towels…

And tissues.

The latter came in quite handy.


We stayed in as a family,

Shared stories,

And cried.


Tennyson, being 4…

Just couldn’t wrap her arms around what happened.


“Mommy tells me again how Clydie went to heaven,

And Gramma Ruth was with him.”

Thinking I cannot tell this one more time,

It is too hard.

But I did.



it was a long trip in Atlanta.

VERY long.


6 weeks later we adopted a cat.





Buddy (they called him that at the shelter)IMG_20130505_110114_324


He is very laid back.

The only laid back thing

In our house

Probably on our block.


He is a gentle giant

Maine coons are like that.

Help me!

Help me!

We are adapting,

Meaning he is hiding under the bed

While the girls chase him

And our other cat Clooney hisses at him



We move forward,

With life.

Because that is the way these things go.


So now I have:





And every night I say

“George… Clooney… come to bed”

In hopes he will ultimately drop that wrestler hussy

And come to his senses.


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