No Need To Explain

03 Aug

Our friends Susan and Don are pregnant.

Well Don is not,

Susan is,

That would be a very painful situation for Don.

So they visited us recently,

Just to say hi.

After our chaos,

I think Don hopes the baby will stay “inside”

For a while.

He appeared to need a beer

And a way out.



The girls were very excited.

They know Susan is pregnant,

Her belly does not lie.

And then …


Dat baby in your tummy…

Is it going to be white?”


It was a moment,

when you know what is coming,

but you cannot stop it.


You know what I mean right?

Susan says:

“well yeah”


“It sure better be”

And then he starts to explain…

“You see that is my baby in there…

I put it in there”

“Well, how did  you get it in dere?”

Sweet Jesus!


“You see girls, when a man and woman…”

I cut him a look…

Susan heel stomps his birkenstock.


Susan and I are crying…

hysterical tears.

Don also crying,

because birkenstocks?

are ugly…

and provide little protection from a heel stomp.

The girls still don’t get why it was so funny.

All they know is that they know all kinds of families.

Some are all the same color,

and some are not,

Some have two mommies

some have none.

And they?

don’t care.

And that?

I like.

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