Holiday Wishes

09 Jan

For those our family missed over the holidays, I am posting our annual holiday letter.

We hope you enjoy and that your 2014 is AMAZING!!


Happy Everything Everyone!


It’s me, Landon, again with the Ozley Christmas letter.  I told Tennyson that she could write this when I go off to college.   She was eating so she didn’t care.


We have been doing great.  I am in the first grade now, which Mom says means I think I am a Mensa member and that she has morphed into a moron.


Tennyson is 4 3/4 and in preschool.  She is going to be taller than me soon. Mom said that means I will get her hand-me-downs.  Um…I don’t think so.


Our kitty Clyde died in April.  He was 14 and his heart just stopped.  We all cried and cried, Mommy especially.   But we got another kitty.  Mommy named him George.  So we have George and Clooney now.   At night, Mommy says “George Clooney come to bed” and giggles.


Tennyson crawled in to Mommy’s bed a few days ago, because she saw a mon’ser.  Mommy didn’t see her come in, so when she woke up she screamed like there was no Santa.  It was so funny.  Tenny said “Mom… is f**k a bad word?”  Mommy screamed again and said “um… yes it is… where did you hear it?”   Tenny told her Emma said it and told her to say it to Mommy… to see if she liked it.  Mommy cancelled Emma’s playdate the next day.


I am taking art at school and have gotten very good with my pastels.    I put all my art together in a sale “piktours by Landon”.  I gave Mommy one of a daw-fin.   She said “Wow… that is great, thank you.” I told her “that will be $4.99.” 


Mommy has a new job.  She works for Microsoft Corporation and is so excited.   She and IBM got a divorce after 14 years.  Mom’s new job is to meet with customers and then make them buy her stuff so she can pay for our house.     It’s a good thing Mommy got the job at Microsoft, because we are going to need a discount on an XBOX soon.

Mommy’s favorite place on earth is Nordstrom’s.  Mine is Chuck E Cheese.  Mommy likes it too because whenever we go she says “God help me”.  Mom said  her new job requires her to have new clothes.  Her Nordstrom catalog came and Mommy circled things on EVERY SINGLE page – some of them was not even clothes… it was MEN!    I told her I found some nice boob holders for her in that Nordstrom book.   She spit her wine out. 


We are happy.  We are healthy.  And we love each other.  Mom says that is kind of all we need.  So the Ozley girls hope 2013 ends with much joy and 2014 brings you all of your dreams.  And Mommy says for those of you who are Moms… her wish for you is just ONE uninterrupted phone conversation (like that is going to happen).


Landon, Tennyson, and Mommy

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