Sticking It To Me

22 Jan


Tennyson got out early last Friday.



We went to get lunch at Panera.

Because we love ourselves some mac and cheese.



The parking lot for these upper scale fast food places is like a stock show in Texas…



I find a primo spot

Waiting for the lady to fix her lipstick

Before she moves her ass out of my way




“What was that?”



“dat ugly man dere jis hit your car.”


She was right.

He backed directly in to my car.

And then he got out of his car and said

“sorry bout that”

like he just dropped my banana.




That is all you can say.

You leave my Mommy alone! 

Tennyson said to him:

“why you gots dat stick in your mouth?

(It was?

A cigarette

at almost 5 she has not ever seen…

A real…




And then she said to him:

“dat is so skusting you bees going around hitting my Mommy’s car”


I was nice and told him I knew he didn’t mean to,


I would need him to fix it.


He handed me his insurance card with all of his contact information:

Mason Justice



I read the back of the Geico card.

Care to guess the first thing you are to do?


Call  9-1-1?


Check the safety of all involved?


Move vehicles from intersection?



Do Not Admit Guilt

Shit you not,


is what it said.


Followed by:

“do not share your liability limits”.


The last thing on the card was…

 Call 9-1-1


And now

I deal w/ Mason

And Geico…

And hope we have a happy outcome.



I will send Tennyson to kick his ass.




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Posted by on January 22, 2014 in Misbehaving, Parenting


One response to “Sticking It To Me

  1. Terri Ozley

    January 23, 2014 at 5:58 am

    Mine says call plice immediately but #1 is “do not admit fault”. Do hope he did anyway!


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