The Eyes Have It

06 Feb

It is night time…

My favorite time of the day.

I crawl in to the top bunk,

For a quick snuggle.


The conversation progresses

In to the challenges of a seven year old…

“Mommy today they was out of chocolate milk at school… I was so mad.”

“I told Brady I didn’t like him any more and he didn’t need to mess with me.”


Hannah said her Mommy was glad her dad had a trip to Hot Lanta.”

And the like.


Time for me to shimmy down…

As I prepare to dismount,

I sit on something hard.



A book.

One Fish

Two Fish

Red Fish

Blue Fish


“Landon what is this?”


                “A book Mom”


“I know that…”

                “well then why did you ask me?”




“Landon what is this book doing here…

  Were you going to read it?”


                “Oh no ma’am…

                No Ma’am!”


                “I was just going to look at the pictures.”






                “But Mom…

                I needs it.”


“You do not needs it.”



I am scared I am going to have a nightmare…

                So I needs to look at the book.”


“Landon how is looking at rainbow colored fish going to stop you from having a nightmare?


“Now go to bed.”

 don't want to go

                “MOM! … You are so mean to me.”


Walking out not at all moved by that little performance.




“Honey what IS it?”


                “How did you find my book?”


“Mom’s have eyes in the back of their heads.”


I will go straight to hell for that one,

but my mom told me the same lie,

so I will have company.


where did you get them?”



“When will I get eyes in the back of my head?”


“When you have your own children.”









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