03 Mar

We are a quirky trio…

my girls and me.



She is always just Tenny.

And I know,

that one day,

she will end up being a comedienne?


the Iditarod musher

(she has control issues)

Mush... damn you

Mush… damn you


is that you?”


“Is what me?


“Dat noise.

Dat noise I keeps hearing.”


“Honey, I am just sitting here,

and you can see me.”



then I guess it must be me.”





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One response to “Quirks

  1. Vika

    March 19, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    That is so amazing, may God Bless you. I am from Moldova and we are planning to adopt a child. Moldavian kids are very smart and well-behaved. Can not wait for that day to come.
    We live in Georgia, moved here 5 years ago, but our heart still is and will be for Moldova.


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