On Moldova

This page is included for Moldova, a sweet little country between the Ukraine and Romania.

It is the country where my children were born.

It is the poorest country in Europe.

It is also the largest source of sex trafficking in Western Europe.

It is a sad situation, heart breaking.

I adopted in November 2007 and then again in May 2010.  I have been to Moldova four times.  I have met some amazing people.

I didn’t speak their language.

And they not mine.

It did not matter in the end.

A hug is a hug…

the words just mess it up sometimes.

I am going to include some links and sites I think you may find interesting or useful.  I can tell you that this information is current as of late October 2010.  I will do my best to keep it updated, but…

cut me a little slack if I’m a little behind.

I write this for one reason — that you will know that there even is a Moldova (maybe one day you will win a Trivia contest)

and two that perhaps someone will want to adopt; their child may be waiting in Moldova

Lastly, these kids’ need help.  Everyone has their own charities. I will just say this…

If you find yourself with an extra $10.00, I can tell you some folks who would greatly appreciate it.

These children have no marketable skills.  Many have no parents or family.  They have no hope and perhaps no future.

UPDATE:  2/1/11

Check out this link to see the numbers for international adoptions:   Moldova shows 14 completed in 2010.

Country Profile: Moldova

Moldova, a country roughly the same size as Maryland, is sandwiched between the Ukraine and Romania. It was incorporated from Romania into the Soviet Union toward the end of World War II. In 1991, Moldova gained independence after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but has struggled ever since to become a modern state. Civil war broke out in the country in 1992 over the question of whether to rejoin Romania for greater economic stability. After the war, the eastern region of Trans-Dniester, with its strong ties to Moscow and its minority Slavic population, broke away from the rest of Moldova.

With a population of 4.5 million, Moldova is the poorest nation in Europe. The mainstay of Moldova’s economy is agriculture, and with no major mineral wealth, it imports almost all of its energy needs. Eighty percent of the population lives below the poverty line. Many Moldovans were forced to emigrate in the mid-1990s because of poverty and other economic hardships brought on by the Soviet collapse. A quarter of all working-age Moldovans find work abroad, many illegally. Among those, tens of thousands are thought to be working in the sex trade trafficked to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

On Adopting In Moldova.

As I mentioned, I have adopted twice and have used Carolina Adoptions Services (  Honestly, I LOVE them.  I felt the coordinator of the program (Julie Glandt for my two adoptions) was fantastic: knowledgeable, prompt, thorough, just excellent.

I also hear that Spence Chapin also does some Moldovan adoptions.  That said, from everything I hear CAS does a great deal more.

CAS contact information:

Carolina Adoption Services

Rosemary Martin, Executive Director
301 North Elm Street, Suite 500
Greensboro, NC 27401
Phone: (336) 275-9660
Toll Free: (800) 632-9312
Fax: (336) 273-9804

Yahoo Group for Moldova Adoptions

There is a Moldova Adoption Users group on Yahoo (  If you go to Yahoo you can also search for it under Yahoo Groups.   You will need to submit a request for access and the moderator will approve.  This site may provide some helpful information as the families have all adopted or are interested in adoption from Moldova.

Moldova Family Blogs

These are some of the Moldova Family Blogs of which I am aware (either in the process of adoption or completed)

These last two are me.  You have to understand my sense of humor and writing style… both are warped.  That said, I think you will get a sense of what the process and travel are like during the adoption journey in Moldova.


Trafficking in Moldova

In Eastern Europe, countless young women fall prey to human traffickers. These predators convince them to migrate to western Europe, where jobs are said to be plentiful. But the reality is starkly different from the better life the traffickers promise.

Approximately 60% of women who are trafficked to Europe for sexual purposes come from Moldova.  The sad truth today is that Moldovan girls (not really even women) are the largest source of trafficking in Europe.  Many/most are these orphaned girls.  At 16 they must leave the orphanages with little or no skills.  They often tricked or forced in to these situations.

They suffer both physical and sexual violence. Michael McKennett, the head of Catholic Relief Services reports: “It’s a shocking situation because it is such a tiny country among giant countries…this tiny little country is being devastated by this phenomenon.”

This is an older article from The New Yorker (2008) which highlights the trafficking issue and her efforts to bring home these girls.

Philip Cameron & his ministries

Talk about amazing!  Philip Cameron Ministries has created homes for the Moldovan orphans.  These girls (and boys now — Simon’s house) who must leave as teenagers with no skills and no hope…

now have somewhere to go.

Stella’s House and now Simon’s House have been created as a haven for these girls and boys.  Their story is below.  There is so much sadness as you will see.


some hope…


This section is taken from Philip Cameron’s website/blog.

After spending countless hours with the children in the orphanage at Cupcui, Moldova, the children began referring to Philip and his wife Chrissie as “Mom and Dad.” Philip and Chrissie had also grown very close to the children in the Hincesti orphanage as well. One young girl in particular had touched their hearts… her name was Stella.

This is Stella

At sixteen, Stella was forced to leave the Hincesti orphanage. In the place she was sent to be “cared for,” she was treated brutally and she ran away. We searched desperately but never found her. Finally, the dreaded news came… She was selling her body to live! But even worse news was to come…

“She’s dead… AIDS!” This tragic young girl was used by vile men until they killed her.

Every year in June, more Stella’s are forced out of orphanages all over Moldova.

Although there are some state programs that are supposed to care for these kids, Moldova’s resources are extremely limited. At this stage, untold thousands of them simply fall through the cracks and are never seen or heard from again.

These children are sent away from the orphanages with a few dollars and a bus ticket to whatever town appears on their birth certificate. That’s when the sex-traffickers make their move, and pounce on the girls. Corrupt orphanage officials have even tipped off the traffickers as to the availability of “suitable girls.” These vile men show up at the bus station with fancy cars and lure girls away with promises of good jobs, plenty of money and nice apartments.

But once a girl enters the car, she is enslaved, tortured, raped and beaten until she complies with the wishes of her new masters. Finally she will arrive in some far off country, where she must comply with the vile demands of countless men, who will use her as much as thirty to forty times a day.

When Philip realized that girls like Stella, whom we had worked so hard to protect in the orphanages at Cupcui and Hincesti, were being abandoned to lives of horror at the hands of the sex traffickers, he knew that an answer had to be found immediately.

Stella’s House 3 with Stella’s House 2 behind it


Located in Moldova’s capital city, Chisinau, young girls from the orphanages are able to get an education, have a safe place to stay, and live in a family-like environment where Godly people will care for them, teach them about Jesus and keep them safe.

Stella’s House 1 opened in 2006. Stella’s House 2 was officially opened in April 2009 by the United States Ambassador to Moldova, Asif J. Chaudhry. Stella’s House No. 3 is now also operational, and is providing a clean, comfortable home and safe refuge for twenty-five more of these girls. All of these homes were purchased, finished, then beautifully decorated and furnished by the faithful provision of God and the generous compassion of His people!


imageWith the opening of Stella’s House 3 next to Stella’s 2, and the adjacent sites for Stella’s 4 and 5 already being worked on, we will have four girls’ homes on one adjoining property. This makes security and supervision much more manageable. We have already moved the girls from Stella’s House 1, which is a few minutes from the other homes, so that all the girls are now living at the same site.

This gives us an opportunity to deal with an equally pressing need that has long been on our hearts. Young boys face the same dangers as the girls when they, too, are put out of the orphanages at age sixteen. The original Stella’s House has been newly updated and redecorated; it now provides a safe haven for teenage boys who would otherwise also have to deal with the dangers of trafficking, crime, and trying to survive on the streets.


But this is still just the beginning. Moldovan officials are asking us, “What about the others?” With God’s help — AND YOURS — we are already working to complete Stella’s House 4, and Stella’s House 5 is also in the works. Our plan is to continue to build other homes as soon as we can, and take care of as many of these young people as possible.
Pray with us that there will be no more tragedies on the streets of Moldova… Pray with us that there will be no more “Stellas.”

Future Stella’s House 4 with Stella’s House 2 and 3 behind it
In 2004, the Moldovan government more than doubled the number of convictions handed down for sex trafficking. But the state still uses little of its own resources to stop the trade. Instead, it mostly relies on NGOs and international organizations to combat the problem. – Sources: U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report (2005); The Washington Post, CIA World Factbook.

This is a PBS video on Moldova trafficking.

Stella’s house links

Contact Information:

Philip Cameron Ministries

298 Union Academy-Ada Rd

Ramer, AL 36069     334-288-1188

And there you have it… Moldova.

3 responses to “On Moldova

  1. Jill

    November 6, 2010 at 11:50 am

    Phoooooooey – tears rolling down my face.

    You are amazing Kell. Isn’t it incredible how God’s plan works for us all.


    • kellyozley

      November 6, 2010 at 9:29 pm

      You are right — I glad he has a plan. Amazing isn’t it. I can’t watch the videos without crying myself.

  2. Lilian Jeanclaude

    December 24, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    *This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!


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