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The Mac Daddy

4 year olds?


To your face.

With absolutely no shame.


I am putting her sister down for her nap.

It is suspiciously quiet in the other room.

I come out to see Landon munching on something…“

What are you eating?”



What will work this time?


“Mac and Cheese”

She says…

As the jelly bean coating hits my glasses.


I am southern for sure


I did now fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

A friend gave us a huge jar of jelly bellies.

And I notice that the stool is oddly placed directly beneath that jar.


The lid askew.

And I know while there are some outlandish jelly bean flavors…

But there is NOT a mac and cheese one.

So the little stinker has lied to me.

To Me!

Her Saintly Mother.

And I do remember as a child…

Sort of tricking my sister.

But not LYING…

Oh no!

I would just say “ask Dad if can have ice cream”

“Daddy…can we have ice cream”



And honestly it took her forever to figure it out

Until one day I tried again…

“ask Dad if we can go to the pool”

Do ti do ti do

“Dad…Kelly wants to know if we can go to the pool”

DAMNIT… cracked my master plan.

But this?


is out and out lying…

Not at all like my occasional white fib…

Like the carpet monster…

The Carpet Monster-- EEEK!

You know…

The one that lives in their carpet…

And will eat their toes off if they get out of bed again.

Hee hee hee.

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