The Team


Me, Mama, Mommy, Ma’am, Mzzzz. Ozley, Kelly, Kel (which I hate from strangers)  — these are all me. I have been called many things, but of late mostly The General of this ship, the SS Drive me Crazy.  I have to wrangle up all these critters and try to keep some bit of order in this otherwise chaotic life (that I LOVE).

Landon –#1 daughter.  If she were going to be an actress, I can  totally see her as Bette Midler, start the party now… I’m here. Very sweet, very sensitive, very sly.  7 years old.    I see Landon running an ad agency or some large marketing company one day (God help anyone who gets in the way).

Tennyson — #2 daughter.  New to our team since May 2010.   She is a slippery little sucker — quick and ALWAYS in to something (usually fragile and expensive).   I believe she will be quietly headstrong.  I see her running some large arts oriented company in her long curls and bohemian skirt one day.   She is …  Lord give me strength.   I see her as Barbara Hershey opposite my little Bette.

Clyde — he is the Alpha Cat.  He is 13 and weighs 19 pounds.  That is not a typo (although given the hectic nature of this house,  you will see plenty out here… bank on it).  If Clyde were to play hockey he would be the puck.  Not a lot of quick movements with him (unless there is a loud noise).  Lovable and fluffy. Clyde passed away in April 2013.  I was/am devastated.  He was a dog cat – meaning a big maine coon.  I loved that boy.

Clooney is our second cat.  She has been known to get her head caught in a tissue box (repeatedly).   She is named after the super divine Mr. George Clooney… and because Clooney and Clyde sounds very cute together.

George is our newest addition.  Gray Maine Coone — very handsome — just ask him.

And if you are paying attention, that means I have George Clooney… at least in feline form.  I figure that is the closest I will get.



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